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SURFSIDE BEACH, South Carolina — A seven-year-old South Carolina boy is the talk of the town after he found a bag of stolen money in the trash! While most kinds would dream about what to do with all the cash, this boy knew he needed to do the right thing.

Griffin Steele is a soccer player and a toy lover. He’s a typical seven-year-old boy.

On Saturday, January 28th, Steele added amateur detective to his resume when he discovered the cash. He and his father Shane stopped at a gas station to put some air in their tires.


“And I got thirsty, so we went into the store, but before we went in, I found this $20 bill and it had this red dye on it…this red stuff on it,” Steele said.

“Griff picked it up and handed it to me, but the side of it was red, and it looked, I don’t know, it was just odd,” Shane Steele said.

It wasn’t just one $20 bill.


“I had some wrapping from my Gatorade bottle, so I went to the trash can and I threw it in and there was tons of money in there with red dye on it,” Griffin Steele said.

“He says ‘Dad, this whole trash can’s full of money!’” Shane Steele said.

Griffin’s dad called police, and found out they were looking for 35-year-old Brian Humphreys Jr. — a suspect in two bank robberies in one week.


“I wanted to do the right thing,” Griffin Steele said.

It’s not surprising, considering the boy was given an integrity award from his teachers earlier this year.


“The moral lesson from him is you do what’s right and that’ll be the best path,” Shane Steele said.

While Griffin said he’s enjoyed the spotlight, he can now go back to being that typical seven-year-old boy.


“I told a lot of my friends. I told teachers too,” Griffin Steele said.

Police are still looking for the bank robbery suspect. They did not say exactly how much money Griffin Steele found.

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