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Using popular aggregates of car ownership cost websites, we’ve pulled together the list of the most expensive cars to maintain that we would still strongly consider. High performance and luxury cars tend to need things like premium gas and more expensive lubricants to keep them in shape and more parts in their systems to ensure performance. Luxury cars use things like bushings made of softer materials that improve ride quality but wear out faster than the bushings in your average Civic. Then there are things like tires and the cost of servicing at a premium brand dealership. It all adds up, and as you would guess, the brands with the lower costs of ownership include Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi. Curiously, despite what we just said, Lexus is also up there in the low-cost of ownership ranks. On the expensive side, BMW, unsurprisingly, tops out along with Mercedes and Cadillac and then Volvo and Audi.

As the figures are measured across a ten year period, some model years turn out to be more expensive than others. Taking all of that into account, these are the most expensive on the list that we think are worth the cost. We’ve ignored supercars because, well, we already know the cost is going to be exorbitant.


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