Google Taps Accenture In Enterprise App Push –

Google recently announced a new effort to increase its presence in the enterprise, rebranding its B2B units as Google Cloud and G Suite last week.

On Friday (Sept. 30), Accenture announced that it formed an alliance with Google to take advantage of Google’s renewed focus on the space. The professional services company said it will use Google technology to provide industry-specific cloud, mobile and data analytics solutions for its clients that are built on Google infrastructure.

“The Google alliance supports our digital and cloud strategy and will help clients benefit from innovation and industry-specific cloud and mobile solutions built on the full stack of Google technologies,” said Accenture Chief Technology Officer Paul Daugherty in a statement.

The companies said they will focus on a variety of industries, including retail, health care, finance and energy. Google Cloud tools, like Android, analytics, apps and IoT technologies, will add to the partnership’s focus on cloud solutions and app development for large enterprise users.

But it’s not just Accenture looking to benefit from the deal. Google Cloud SVP Diane Greene said in a separate statement that their collaboration will help the enterprise understand the potential value of Google’s B2B services and technology.

“Our alliance with Accenture is designed to help enterprises transform and take advantage of the latest technologies from Google Cloud,” she said. “Google’s ongoing product advances, incorporated into joint customer solutions — from mobility and analytics, to machine learning and productivity apps — combined with Accenture’s deep industry knowledge, means we can rapidly address the critical business needs of our customers.”

Greene was the one to announce Google’s targeted approach to the enterprise last week, telling reporters at a press event that it would frustrate the company when corporate clients would question whether Google was serious about B2B solutions.

“It was kind of driving ourselves crazy,” she said at the time. Reports said the tech giant is now trying to augment its reputation as not just an internet search and advertising company but a B2B tech firm, too.

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