Gwen Graham's family is now her biggest financial backer –

Gwen Graham’s father is her biggest political asset, a popular former governor and senator with deep ties to power brokers in the state.

But last month he became her biggest financial asset, too, giving another $250,000 to her campaign and becoming her top donor.

He’s not the only Graham to give. Her campaign for governor is very much a family affair, with her Washington Post-linked relatives pitching in hundreds of thousands of dollars as well.

Although Graham doesn’t mention it often, she’s the niece of Katharine Graham, the famed former publisher of The Washington Post. (Meryl Streep played Katharine Graham in last year’s critically-acclaimed movie, The Post.)

Together, they make up the Graham campaign’s largest financial support network. Here’s how much they’ve given:

Bob and Adele Graham (parents) – $506,000

Bob and Adele Graham are now Graham’s top donors. (Bob Graham’s brother was married to Katharine Graham.) The source of the family’s money comes from the Graham Companies, which founded Miami Lakes and is still an active developer in South Florida.

Stephen Graham (cousin) – $165,000

Stephen Graham, the youngest son of Katharine Graham, is a philanthropist and literature professor at Bard College in New York.

William W. Graham (cousin) – $28,000

William W. Graham, the middle son of Katharine Graham, was a lawyer, investor and philanthropist in Los Angeles, where he was also a professor at UCLA. He died in December.

Katharine Weymouth (first cousin once removed) – $4,500

Katharine Weymouth, the granddaughter of Katharine Graham, was the last publisher of The Washington Post before Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought the paper in 2013.

Stephen Hurm (husband) – $4,000

Hurm, Graham’s husband since 2010, was a police officer-turned-lawyer who is general counsel for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. He’s also director of the Policing Research & Policy Institute at Florida State University. He and Graham married in 2010.

Mark Logan (ex-husband) – $3,000

Logan isn’t just Graham’s ex-husband. He’s also her campaign treasurer, resuming the job he had in her 2014 Congressional campaign. Logan, a Tallahassee lawyer and lobbyist who also worked on Bob Graham’s 2003 presidential bid, was married to Graham from 1985 to 2005. They have three children together, who are all in their 20s.

Gwen Graham (herself) – $3,000

Graham’s net worth is $14.4 million, according to her latest financial disclosure, with nearly all of it stock in the Graham Companies.

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