Some local home owners may soon be getting financial repairs – WHIZ

ZANESVILLE – Muskingum County and the City of Zanesville are moving forward with an application for a community housing impact and preservation, or, CHIP, program for 2020. Officials are working together to help improve housing conditions in both the city and the county. The program is for a combined $750,000.

“We all recognize that with an older population of dwellings, that a lot of properties continue just to gradually fall apart and its hard enough to have money to take care of the necessities of life. It’s hard to have money to fix that roof every twentieth year or sometimes the water heater every eighth year, not to mention occasionally with the storms, you’ll have damage to property,” Zanesville Mayor Don Mason said.

The funding comes from the federal level and Mason feels partnering with the county makes both entities more likely to receive the grant.

“We basically tried to create a situation where people can stay in their homes and rehabilitate their homes. We also work with like Habitat for Humanity on occasional new constructions and then we work with rehabilitation assistance and those are rather large grants where again it could be anything from repairing a roof to even making a building more ADA – meanable for somebody with some disabilities,” Mason said.

Mason says both the city and the county will know in a few weeks if they are approved for the grant.

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