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To the editor:

In response to Adirondack Daily Enterprise’s Feb. 13 profile of Tedra Cobb (“Cobb has money to spend, but she’s hanging onto it”), Cobb’s congressional opponent, Elise Stefanik, revealed her disdain for poor people.

The Enterprise’s article is a good window onto Cobb’s compassion and her strategy, and it explains that her fiscally conservative approach to spending campaign contributions is rooted in her mother’s resourcefulness in the face of economic hardship.

Stefanik’s response on Twitter? To compare Cobb’s story about her mother to an article in a satiric publication: “Amazingly, this is not The Onion,” Stefanik writes. She goes on to call Cobb schoolyard-bully names that would make Trump proud, and fills her tweet with laugh-crying emojis.

Many of Stefanik’s own constituents face financial hardship. Her district is one of the poorest in New York state, with almost half of children qualifying for free lunch. Instead of working to improve their lives, and the financial health of the district she serves, Stefanik continues to show us who she really is: a wealthy (but morally bankrupt) bully who laughs at others’ pain.

Sara Schaff


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