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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – Ann Marie Sale, a member of Michael’s Angels, said, “A group of women after Hurricane Katrina did the same thing in New Orleans and they took their blue tarps and went to Washington [D.C.] and made a big noise and raised great awareness for Hurricane Katrina.”

Now the ladies of Michael’s Angels are working to do the same for our area. “We want to help Bay County. We want to raise awareness for the hurt that has been caused by Hurricane Michael,” Sale said.

As part of their relief efforts, the group is pushing for the passage of a bill co-sponsored by Congressman Dr. Neal Dunn that would provide tax relief to hurricane victims.

“Specifically it’s the ability to use your pension funds, whether 401K or IRA plans, with no penalties, no 10 percent penalties taken out. The money is untaxed and you could put it back in the IRA or 401K for years afterwards with no penalties,” said Dunn.

“It will put more money in people’s pockets to rebuild their homes. There is so much destruction. We are spending so much money on our homes. We should be able to receive those same benefits that other hurricane victims have received to put back into our community and rebuild,” says Sale.

The bill created by Congressman Tom Rice of South Carolina was introduced to Congress on February 11. It is still waiting to be assigned a committee before possibly being passed in the House.


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